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May 18, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull has badly let down Rockhampton today by once again refusing to fund the South Rockhampton Levee.

When it was announced that the Prime Minister would be visiting Central Queensland, expectations were high that he would announce funding for the Levee.

Instead we’ve seen this vital piece of infrastructure pushed to the side yet again.

With heavy rainfall expected over the next couple of days we need certainty for the businesses and homeowners of South Rockhampton that this levee will be funded and that residences will not flood every couple of years.

It’s not fair that the LNP can find $65 billion for tax handouts to multinationals and millionaires but can’t find the money to fund the levee.

Before the Budget, Michelle Landry should’ve been on the phone every day fighting for this funding, not dithering about with another survey.

It's now clear she's done nothing to get funding, since the Budget either.

Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to fund the levee in the Budget, and now during his visit, just shows how out of touch the LNP are with Central Queensland.

Malcolm Turnbull and Michelle Landry have failed Central Queensland. She failed to deliver anything in the Budget and she’s failing on this levee.

Tomorrow I will be in Rockhampton, talking to residents who had their homes flooded about how much this levee is needed.

If Landry is not going to push the LNP to fund this vital piece of infrastructure, than I will.

It’s about time Central Queensland got a representative who will stand up for them, not stand by.