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November 23, 2017

With two days till the State election, the choice for Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast voters is clear - continued investment by Labor, or cuts and chaos from an LNP-One Nation Coalition.

Anyone who watches Federal politics has had a sneak preview of what lies ahead, if an LNP-One Nation Coalition is elected on Saturday.

Just as we’ve seen cuts to pensions, health care and schools from the Turnbull Government in Canberra, combined with the chaos of One Nation Senators getting thrown out, an LNP-One Nation Coalition would spell disaster for Central Queensland.

Nowhere is the choice for Central Queensland clearer than in health care, where the Palaszczuk Labor Government is delivering critical health services for CQ residents, investing in frontline health workers, at the same time as the Turnbull LNP Government is cutting billions from Medicare.

Whether it is at the Federal level or the State level – the LNP have only one agenda: to cut essential services and cut health.

Today, we will meet with staff at the Rockhampton Hospital and see firsthand the importance of re-electing the Palaszczuk Government on Saturday.

Central Queensland needs strong local representation that will put health first – not the disaster of a LNP-One Nation Coalition.

The Palaszczuk Government has made significant investments in the health of Central Queenslanders – already employing an additional 180 local nurses, doctors and health professionals. 

Labor has cut waiting lists for specialist outpatient appointments by more than 60%, and committed to spending an additional $150 million to further reduce hospital waiting lists.

In contrast, I’ve seen first-hand the chaos of One Nation in Canberra, and the impact of them helping the LNP to rubber stamp cuts that will hurt Central Queenslanders. We don’t need the LNP-One Nation Coalition’s Canberra chaos in CQ as well.

When Tim Nicholls was Queensland Treasurer, he cut 288 frontline health workers from the Central Queensland region. He sacked 30 nurses and cut 43 in community health, 10 in child and family services, 39 in health and community care, and 22 in medical imaging from Central Queensland hospitals.

We don’t need to go back to that, by electing an LNP-One Nation Coalition.

Central Queensland can’t afford to go backwards – health is too important to be targeted once again by the LNP.