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October 04, 2017

The only way to secure funding for the South Rockhampton flood levee is to vote Labor.


Federal Labor announced it would partner with the State Labor Government and Rockhampton Regional Council to build the levee six months ago.


Six months on, Malcolm Turnbull and Michelle Landry have still not committed to even considering funding the levee.


Instead, Michelle Landry has given Rockhampton Regional Council a series of hoops to jump through before she will even consider asking Malcolm Turnbull to stump up the Federal Government’s share. Every time the community meets one of her conditions, she adds another one.


The work has been done. The evidence is clear.


The South Rockhampton flood levee would protect 1,500 homes and businesses, two local schools as well as 3,000 local jobs.


It’s another example of Malcolm Turnbull not listening to the needs of Central Queenslanders. He’s out of touch and wilfully ignoring the evidence that this levee is needed to protect homes, businesses, jobs and schools.


Will it take another flood and more devastation for Malcolm Turnbull and Michelle Landry to act?


Federal Labor has committed funding. The State Labor Government has committed funding. Rockhampton Regional Council has committed funding.


LNP delaying tactics won’t get the job done, but it seems Malcolm Turnbull is too out of touch and too weak to act to protect homes and businesses in Rocky.