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April 18, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull’s latest announcement on 457 visas shows that the LNP are more interested in style than substance when it comes to fixing abuses to the 457 visa system.

Yesterday Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced with great fanfare that he would be scrapping 457 visas and replacing them with a new visa system.

But just one day on, we are already starting to see the Prime Minister’s plan unravel.

There have been reports that just 8.6% of current 457 visa holders are working in jobs that will be excluded under the new system.

Of the 216 professions that will be excluded under the new system, 64 haven’t been applied for in the last year, 18 in the last decade. And yet professions like cooks, bakers, mechanics and florists remain on the list.

These are jobs and training that could be going to Central Queensland.

With unemployment sitting at ___ in Central Queensland, we need real solutions, not just another all flash, no function policy.

If Malcolm Turnbull wants to show real leadership on the issue of jobs and apprenticeships for Central Queensland, he should wind back the $2.5 billion ripped skills and training under the LNP’s watch.

Labor has been campaigning on skills and training for locals all year.

In November I spoke with local unions and workers about Labor’s plan to crackdown on 457 visa rorts, put local jobs first and better protect overseas workers from exploitation.

Locals told me that they’ve seen too many friends and family members passed over for jobs in favour of cheaper overseas hire.


This is an issue that’s devastating Central Queensland. It’s time Malcolm Turnbull committed to real change.