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September 05, 2017

New allegations have emerged about disgraced Gold Coast MP, Stuart Robert.

Late yesterday, Fairfax Media revealed that Stuart Robert’s private companies were awarded Government IT contracts worth $16.5 million, after he was elected to Parliament.
This appears to be a straight out conflict of interest, and calls into question his eligibility to have served as an MP.

This is Strike 3 for Mr Robert, who has twice previously been caught out mixing his private business and fundraising interests with his official duties. 

In Strike 1, last year, he was forced to resign as a Minister, after he was found to have a financial stake in a company that he assisted in China.

In Strike 2, it was also revealed that he had given a speech to Parliament that was written by lobbyists for a major local developer.

Now, in Strike 3, it’s not surprising to see that Mr Robert may have been personally profiting from his position as an MP, right from the beginning.

Most people accept that if it’s three strikes, you’re out, but will Malcolm Turnbull?

At a minimum, Mr Robert must assure the public that he is not currently generating any private gain, through his personal businesses, from his role as an MP.

This is the third time in a fortnight that Gold Coast LNP MPs have been caught out focusing on themselves, rather than the voters who elect them:

  • Gaven MP, Sid Cramp, narrowly survived a preselection challenge after his involvement in a nasty neighbour dispute.
  • Southport MP, Rob Molhoek, was revealed to be the director of a company involved in a dodgy herbal tea scam.

These allegations against Mr Robert are just the latest example of the LNP taking the Gold Coast for granted.

It’s time we had some decent MPs, who put Gold Coasters first.