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July 02, 2018

Today, we held a successful ‘Reconnected’ forum with Logan and Gold Coast charities and not-for-profits, exchanging ideas to boost social capital and community engagement.
While the Turnbull Government is working in Parliament to stifle the voice of our charities, we’re listening to charities to hear how we can ensure our communities have stronger bonds and louder voices.
Over the course of the last generation, we’ve seen some worrying trends. Australians are less likely to join community organisations or play organised sports. We’ve seen troubling drop-offs in volunteering rates and donation rates in recent years.
These are the trends Labor is trying to reverse as we hear from charities and organisations about what they’re doing to foster community spirit and build social capital at a local level.
Today‘s was the fourteenth Reconnected forum, following on from successful forums in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, the NSW Central Coast, Launceston, Hobart, Darwin. Across these forums, we have had the chance to meet with representatives of over 1200 Australian charities.
The local groups who joined today‘s conversation included:

  • Florea Productions
  • Transit Care Limited
  • Supporting Silk Sister Project Inc.
  • Twin Rivers Centre
  • World Central
  • Brisbane Anglicare Maori Mission Inc.

A life spent with others is a better life. We thank the organisations who participated in today‘s vital conversation for their energy and ideas.
In a battler electorate like Forde, community support is especially important, which is why Labor will give charities and community organisations a hand, and battlers a leg up.
Labor has been working with the Hands off Our Charities Alliance to push back against LNP measures that would stifle the voices of charities and not-for –profits.
We have successfully defeated attempts to scrap the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. Labor will fight the LNP’s attempt to include charities in the ban on foreign political donations.
Unfortunately local member Bert Van Manen has been silent on these attempts to stifle the work of charities and not-for-profits.
Bert Van Manen needs to explain to community organisations in his electorate why he is not speaking up for them in Canberra.