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October 05, 2017

Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has let down her constituents again, this time on the local rollout of the NBN.

Only three months ago, Ms Landry took her Federal Minister Fiona Nash to Cawarral, where they talked about a "tremendous win" to local media.

They were all smiles for the cameras, as they talked up three new NBN towers, which would connect Central Queensland to the NBN.

In fact, it was all a hollow stunt, with Cawarral residents now facing a further 2 year delay to receive their NBN services.

In 2013, Malcolm Turnbull promised that the NBN rollout would be completed, across the country, by the end of 2016 – a deadline which has come and gone.

Then, local providers informed Cawarral residents that they would receive the NBN in August, 2017.

Now it has been revealed that services are, in fact, not due to be activated until August, 2019 – almost two years from now.

Ms Landry must explain why the Turnbull Government is failing local residents and businesses that have been left waiting without answers.

And she must explain why she staged a press conference to dupe locals into thinking their NBN problems would be fixed soon.

Capricornia needs a strong local Member who will go into bat for the community and make sure local residents are put first.

Michelle Landry is all too happy to take Fiona Nash out to Cawarral for a photo op but won’t stand up and demand answers for the people she represents.

This delay is having real impacts on local people who had planned and expected NBN services.

The Turnbull Government must explain why the people of Cawarral will be left waiting for a further two years before getting the NBN.

If Michelle Landry won’t put the people of Central Queensland first then it’s time she made way for an MP who will.