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July 16, 2018

In Saturday’s edition of The Morning Bulletin, local member Michelle Landry confirmed something that everyone already knew – the LNP have been taking Central Queensland for granted.


Commenting on the Rookwood Weir, Michelle Landry said:


I believe this area has been neglected for a long time. It’s our turn to get some of these major infrastructure projects going.


Finally, Michelle Landry has owned up to it. And if she wants to see the source of the neglect, she only has to look in the mirror.


After five years as the Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry has nobody to blame but herself and her mates in the LNP for Central Queensland being left behind.


Instead of fighting for vital infrastructure projects for Central Queensland, she has spent her two terms as the local member backing in Sydney-based Prime Ministers Abbott and Turnbull, while they cut services and funding to regional Queensland.


Just look at the last two Budgets – not a single piece of newly announced infrastructure funding for Central Queensland.


And when Landry tried to sell these shoddy Budgets as new to Central Queenslanders earlier this year, she was rightly called out for it.


Before, Michelle Landry’s insistence that the LNP cared about Central Queensland came across as cluelessness.


Now, it turns out she’s known all along that Central Queensland was being neglected. She just doesn’t care.


Central Queensland deserves a local member and a Government that will fight for the infrastructure if needs to thrive.


That’s why Labor has committed to funding significant infrastructure projects in Central Queensland, like the South Rocky flood levee and the Rocky-Yeppoon road duplication.


We have also committed full Federal funding for Rookwood Weir.


Michelle Landry will never stand up against Malcolm Turnbull to fight for Central Queensland. She hasn’t for the last five years, and she’s not going to start now.


It’s about time Central Queenslanders had a local member who was on their side.