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March 16, 2018

Today health workers in Rockhampton are sending a message to Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry – your health bills are overdue and it’s time to pay up.

Last month the State Government revealed that an estimated $39 million was owed to Central Queensland from the Federal Government for unpaid surgeries and other hospital admissions.


This will mean Central Queenslanders receiving fewer treatments and waiting longer for it.


But that is not the only funding that Ms Landry has voted to rip out of Central Queensland hospitals.


Ms Landry has also supported Malcolm Turnbull, in cutting another $6.1 million from Central Queensland hospitals between 2017-2020, and $160 million from hospitals state wide.


At the Rockhampton Hospital alone they are cutting $3.6 million over the next three years and $250 000 from the Capricorn Coast Hospital.


That’s equivalent to hiring 17 new nurses each year, for three years, or delivering 1014 babies or the cost of 9174 Emergency Department visits.


Malcolm Turnbull has already cut $2 billion from public hospitals over the next three years. Now, Michelle Landry wants to help him cut even more.


The LNP’s savage cuts to healthcare means hospitals are forced to cut staff, putting more pressure on busy emergency department waiting rooms.


And let’s not forget about the Turnbull Government’s ongoing Medicare rebate freeze, which is making it harder and harder for Central Queensland GPs to provide bulk billing services, forcing patients to go to busy emergency departments for minor conditions.



This is just the latest example that the LNP cannot be trusted with our health system.


And while all of this has been happening, Michelle Landry has said and done nothing.


She’s fine to stand by and parrot the Canberra lines while money is ripped out of Central Queensland hospitals and GPs are forced to cut bulk billing to stay afloat.


Just like she stood by when the people of Marlborough were facing down compulsory land acquisition for Shoalwater Bay.


Just like she stood by as Glencore locked out the Oaky North miners, who had to travel to Canberra to even meet with her.


And just like she continues to do on the South Rockhampton Flood Levee. Another flood season is upon us, and still no funding for the levee.


Central Queensland doesn’t need a politician who’d rather toe the Canberra line than fight for them.


If Landry isn’t willing to fight for Central Queensland, Central Queenslanders will find somebody who will.