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March 21, 2017

Yesterday in Canberra, Senator Pauline Hanson and her One Nation colleagues sold out Queensland battlers, again.

Labor kept up the fight for working people, moving and voting for a motion opposing cuts to penalty rates.

Instead of siding with Queensland battlers, Senator Hanson chose to side with Malcolm Turnbull’s LNP, and voted the motion down.

Having previously voted with the LNP to make it easier for building companies to bring in overseas workers and get rid of apprentices, she has now signalled that she and her team will support Turnbull’s cuts to penalty rates.

This is just another example of Senator Hanson doing deals with the LNP, at the expense of the battlers she claims to represent.

If these cuts go through, hundreds of thousands of Queensland workers will lose up to $77 a week from their pay packet. If Hanson really cared about looking out for Queensland battlers, she’d be standing with Labor and fighting against these cuts.

Queensland is ground zero for the penalty rate cuts, with six of the ten Federal electorates most affected by these cuts.

Yesterday’s vote was a prelude to Thursday, when the Senate will start debating Labor’s bill to stop penalty rate cuts.

Queensland battlers who need their penalty rates need to contact Senator Hanson immediately, tell her to have a change of heart and support Labor’s bill.