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September 05, 2017

Last night in the Senate, Pauline Hanson sold out labour hire workers.


Across Australia, thousands of labour hire workers are being ripped off by unscrupulous employers, and there is often little they can do about it.  Examples include:


  • Meat processing workers, engaged by labour hire firms on behalf of Baiada Poultry, and being paid half the minimum wage; and
  • Fruit pickers, engaged as labour hire in the Lockyer Valley, being underpaid by tens of thousands of dollars.


Corporate employers are increasingly engaging workers through labour hire, and then washing their hands of any responsibility to ensure the workers are paid correctly.


That’s why Labor moved amendments to Government legislation last night, which would have made the economic decision makers take responsibility underpayments by labour hire firms that they engage.


Sadly, Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Senators all voted with the Government to defeat Labor’s amendments.


Because of Senator Hanson’s deal with the Turnbull Government, labour hire workers will continue to be ripped off, and big companies will get away with it.


Big companies shouldn’t be able to escape liability for underpayments, simply by blaming a labour hire firm.


When she’s in Queensland, Pauline Hanson says she’s standing up for battlers, but in Canberra, she stabs them in the back.


She’s done it on penalty rates, she’s done it on pensions, now she’s done it on labour hire.


Pauline Hanson isn’t in it for battlers. She’s in it for herself.