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March 28, 2017

Senator Hanson has been caught out playing the very political games she says she stands against.

Yesterday, Senator Hanson posted a video on Facebook denying that she had ever said that GST funds should be taken off Queensland and given to Western Australia.

However, a January radio interview has emerged, in which Senator Hanson has turned her back on her own State, to buy votes in Western Australia.

 RADIO INTERVIEWER:     So will you Senator Hanson, help us in Western Australia in this fight, and would you be willing to see the GST share of your home state Queensland reduced so that WA can get a better deal?

 SENATOR HANSON:         Course I will. No problem.

 We’ve already seen Senator Hanson sell out battlers, by supporting cuts to penalty rates, pensions and unemployment benefits. Now, she’s selling out each and every Queenslander, by giving away our GST funds.

 This is the real Senator Hanson – a career politician who will do any deal to chase votes, even if it means selling out her own state.

 Queensland is Australia’s most decentralised state. We depend on GST funds more than most, to deliver government services to people in far-flung locations.

 Senator Hanson needs to tell Queenslanders which roads, schools and hospitals in rural and regional Queensland should lose funding so WA can get more GST?

 If she can get back to me via Facebook live video, that’d be great.

 Queensland deserves better than this sellout. It’s time Senator Hanson stopped doing deals and started representing Queensland.