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March 10, 2017

For years now, the people of the Gold Coast have been forced to sit for hours in M1 congestion just because the Abbott-Turnbull Liberal Government has taken them for granted.

Years of holding these seats unchallenged has meant the LNP has felt it can ignore our fast growing region, without any consequences.

To help end the impasse on funding key upgrades, federal Labor has today announced it will support and match any agreed federal-state compromise which sees work get underway.

This announcement represents a recommitment of Labor's support for an upgrade to the southbound Gateway-M1 merge, and also sees a fresh commitment from Labor to back in funding for to upgrade the M1 between Tallebudgera and Varsity Lakes. Every minute wasted in M1 traffic is a reminder of the failure of the wall to wall Gold Coast LNP MPs to deliver for local motorists, families and businesses.

Enough is enough. Something has to give.

This should not be about who gets the political credit for something which should have happened already; it’s about tackling congestion along one of the fastest-growing corridors in the country.

For the sake of local businesses and families fed up with severe congestion, federal Labor is prepared to play its part in ensuring work commences on the M1 as soon as possible.

We call on the Liberals, who have neglected this issue for so long, to finally act.

Despite all their talk on the M1, the Liberals have only promised 50 per cent of funding to date, less than they are giving NSW for a similar upgrade just over the border. In addition, the Liberals haven’t actually provided a single cent for upgrading the M1 since taking office almost four years ago.

The M1-Gateway merge upgrade has been listed as an Infrastructure Australia priority project since September last year, as has the proposed works at Mudgeeraba-Varsity Lakes.

The sooner this work can begin, the better.