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September 06, 2017

In a shocking display of arrogance, Federal Minister for Tourism and Member for Moncrieff Steve Ciobo has laid the blame for a drop in bed nights and spend on the Coast at the feet of Gold Coast Tourism.


In today’s Gold Coast Bulletin, Ciobo blamed Gold Coast Tourism for continuing to “lose market share” and urged them to “perform better”.


Clearly Ciobo is trying to distract Gold Coasters from his own performance as Tourism Minister.


What Ciobo doesn’t want the Gold Coast to know is that in this year’s Federal Budget, he ripped $35 million out of funding for Tourism Australia.


What’s more, Ciobo’s Government has jacked up visa application charges on tourists – exactly the opposite of what the tourism sector asked for.


It also comes on top of their increase in the Passenger Movement Charge last year, which broke an election commitment they gave just months earlier.


And Ciobo has the nerve to blame a fall in tourism spend and stay on Gold Coast Tourism?


What’s the point of having a Gold Coast based Minister for Tourism if they’re not going to make sure all efforts are being made to promote the Gold Coast?


Ciobo is refusing to accept any responsibility for his Government’s actions and it’s the Gold Coast who is paying for it.


It’s about time Ciobo stopped taking the Coast for granted and started doing his job.