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August 31, 2017

Matt Canavan has proven in the media today that he is more interested in joining the Government's infighting over marriage equality than he is in fighting for jobs, health and education for Central Queensland.

In an article today regarding the Government's $122 million marriage equality postal survey, Senator Canavan said:

“There are not many issues that I get more complaints about at the moment, from mums in particular, than the radical gender reassignment theories that are being increasingly taught in schools.”

What an absolute crock.

I don’t know what mums Senator Canavan is talking to, but the mums that I talk to in Central Queensland tell me they care about their kids getting a job, a good education and affordable healthcare.

How out of touch can you get? I don't know what "radical gender reassignment theories" means and I doubt most Central Queensland mums do either.

It’s clear that Senator Canavan would rather use local mums as a ploy to fight with his Government colleagues over marriage equality, than to stand up for their real concerns.

And considering his ongoing citizenship saga, Senator Canavan is the last person to pretend he knows what mums are focused on.

It’s about time Senator Canavan stopped stopped pushing his own ideological agenda and started actually talking about the things Central Queensland families really care about – jobs, health, education.

Otherwise he’s just showing how out of touch the LNP are with Central Queensland.